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Throughout recorded history, man has attempted to harness the artistry of musical expression in order to convey loving sentiments and thankful appreciation for beauty of all kinds...

FISTPRINT is more like a knuckle-busting, liquor-fueled celebration of inappropriate, violent behavior, sociopathic tendencies, and unrestrained hostility.

With a high octane, adrenaline filled live show, FISTPRINT is one of a dying breed.  A band that delivers rib crushing, authentic, in your face hard rock!!

The band consists of Gordie Flu - (Throat), Chaz Master - (Axe), Caraxes A.G. - (Bass) and "Philthy" Phil DiRienzo - (Drums). Their influences range from Dave Mustaine guitar riffs, to Rammstein's bone crushing rhythm section, to a modern day Bon Scott fused with a wood chipper on steroids. This culminates into the runaway freight train that is FISTPRINT! 


FISTPRINT is currently working with producer Jeff DaBella ( Newest release "Red, White, Bruised" available on  iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon.

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